The Proposal & Fees
The Proposal

Within two to three weeks after the Initial Consultation, Paredes-Grube Architecture will issue a written proposal describing the scope and cost of the architectural services. No drawings will be issued at this time.

This Owner/Architect Agreement includes:
  • A written description of the work discussed at the Initial Consultation.
  • The architectural fees, based on the estimated time to complete the job – Not by percentage of construction.
  • An outline of the architectural services, by phase.- A description of Additional Services that the Client might request.
  • Results of the preliminary zoning analysis to determine whether the project will be clear of zoning issues or if any variances will be involved.

We are happy to provide references upon your request.

Our project fees are based on our own estimate of the architectural work required to fulfill your needs, and the corresponding hours required to complete the phases of the architectural services. Our estimate includes not only the time spent on design, but also the hours to prepare the elements of thorough construction drawings: structural sizing, construction detailing, zoning charts, finish schedule, and specifications. We do not base our fees on the cost of construction.
Frequently Asked Questions
I have heard that your services are expensive. Why are your professional fees higher than some other Architects?
In comparing architects, you will find that fees vary as widely as the concept of good design and thoroughness. From my 25+ years of residential design experience I know what is required to produce excellent design and thorough construction drawings. Quality design and well-detailed documents take time – a level of care that ensures a successful project outcome and a trouble-free experience. In return, our Clients typically save thousands of dollars in the construction bid process since our well-detailed and fully complete construction drawings enable General Contractors to price the work more accurately.
Our fees are an investment in peace of mind and minimized aggravation. Also, my fees include “marriage counseling” during construction…..just kidding ;)

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