Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend or work with particular General Contractors?
We generally work with a large group of high-quality General Contractors who have earned our trust through their successful past service to our Clients. Depending on the nature of your project – the house style, your town, your personality and particular needs – we typically recommend 3 or 4 General Contractors that we feel would be a good match for your project. We also welcome new contractor relationships where our clients have their own pre-qualified favorites in mind.

Do you assist with the Bidding process or bid the job for us?
Within the range of our Basic Services, we typically provide verbal guidance to the client for bidding the work to a short list of pre-qualified General Contractors. We also meet with the bidding contractors and walk them through the project before the start of the bidding process as a part of our standard services to assure proper communication between us (the architects) and the contractors. However, as an Additional Service, we offer to bid the project for the client, which includes receiving contractor quotes, and reviewing and analyzing the bids on behalf of our client. However, keep in mind, the ultimate decision is the client’s.

After the Construction Documents are complete, do you oversee the construction?
It is standard practice that the basic service fees that we provide are for design and construction documents only. Site visits are considered high liability and therefore must be charged accordingly. This is why overseeing construction is part of Additional Services. If hired to do so, and depending on the complexity and size of the project, we typically perform an average of three site visits during construction to “observe” the work and report to the client. The fees involved for site visits are stated in the agreement.

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