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The Proposal

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Upon first contact, Paredes-Grube Architecture will schedule an appointment for the Initial Consultation – the first meeting to discuss your needs and the requirements of your project in detail.
For residential clients, this meeting takes place at your home and should involve all family members who will participate in the decision-making process.

The Initial Consultation typically includes the following:

  • Listen to the client’s needs and goals.
  • Walk through the house to understand the existing layout.
  • View the rooflines and understand the framing and structure.
  • Identify special features, unusual conditions or other limitations.
  • Review the homeowner’s survey and comment on preliminary Zoning issues and requirements.
  • Discuss design ideas and options.
  • Discuss the construction budget.
  • Discuss the Client’s schedule and the timing and duration of the design process.
  • Review our portfolio of completed projects.

For the Initial Consultation, we will require a copy of the survey to retain for our use.



Within two to three weeks after the Initial Consultation, Paredes-Grube Architecture will issue a written proposal describing the scope and cost of the architectural services.

This Owner/Architect Agreement includes:

  • A written description of the work discussed at the Initial Consultation.
  • An estimate of the architectural fees, based on our standard hourly rates.
  • An outline of the architectural services, by phase.- A description of Additional Services that the Client might request.
  • A marked-up copy of the Client’s survey indicating the proposed work and the applicable zoning requirements.

We are happy to provide references upon your request.


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